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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Favors For a Quinceanera

A quinceanera is a very big moment for Hispanic families and especially for Hispanic girls. This is the celebration of a girl turning 15, much like the American "sweet sixteen". These are huge, extravagant parties that every single family member is invited to along with many friends of the birthday girl. As you could imagine, this is a big party and thus it requires big party favors which is why I am writing this.

The favors that will expected at these parties do not have to be anything expensive or outrageous but they will be expected to be something that can be used in life. At a typical birthday the favors will be candy or little toys. At a quinceanera, more practical things such as candles, frames, or CDs will be expected simply because they are more mature and more usable. They do not have a connotation with young age and they are not incredibly useless. Favors for any quinceanera can be found either online or at a local store however, like always, your best bet is to check the internet due to the multiple sources available. It is important that you have the proper favors for your daughters quinceanera because this is one of the biggest days in her life and the biggest day of her childhood. Feliz Quince!!

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