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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Purpose of this Blog

It is my goal, through this blog, to educate readers about the business of wedding favors and to also teach about their uses. This blog should not be controversial, it is an advice blog that offers information to ensure that you know what to do when it comes to purchasing wedding favors. If you happen to disagree with something I say or a method I endorse then feel free to let me know because my opinion is not the only one out there. So please, comment on how you would go about doing something if it differs from my way. There is no reason to be shy with these blogs because I value different opinions.

The only thing that I will not allow is slander. Slander is not helpful at all and always causes problems. I expect this blog to be a respectful place where visitors respect visitors and myself because I can assure you that I will respect visitors. Do continue to read this blog though and never stop commenting and sharing your ideas because you never know whose idea could be the best fit for someone seeking advice. Thanks and enjoy the blog :)

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